“Can you imagine feeling strong attraction to someone, then repeatedly bashing them in the face with the hopes of making them pass out? It gnaws on your soul, your very fucking being.”

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In past years my essays, and poems have been published in a wide range of literary magazines such as PANK, COPPER NICKEL, MATTER, and journals from coast to coast.

But 2019 was the year I rethought my approach to writing, revision, and submission. In 2019–2020 my stories have appeared or will appear in 20+ literary journals.

I also rethought my approach to my novelistic efforts, and the result is a publishing contract with J.New books with a target of September 2020. More info on BOGORE coming soon.

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“The man and his wheeled duffel bag are coming toward them. This time he is carrying a plastic bucket. He stands on the flattened plateau of the revetment looking up at the boy and the dog.”

Read “Day Shapes” at The Baltimore Review.