Born on the island of Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts, USA), I now reside in Helsinki, Finland, where I write and work as an editor (Haiku Editorial) and ghostwriter (The Word Punk). I moved to Finland 13 years ago at the behest of a Finn. The experience has obviously shaped my identity as a writer and societal outlier.

My stories have been published widely in over fifty journals, both big and small. I’ve authored one book of poetry, which has hopefully been lost to the dust of time.

I’ve had my share of adventures, from thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,134 miles) in 2000 to cycling across the U.S. twice (8,000+ miles) in the summer of 2001. Most of my adventures are now limited to navigating the odd cultural terrain of the Nordic region.

I volunteer as often as possible, be it with dog rescue organizations or oceanic protection groups. I despise litter. I am a staunch animal rights activist and proud plant-eater.